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We’re Nothing New, Just a rekindled old flame in the Lord’s eye, Jezreel a day of Renewal

Are we christians or are we saints? That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9 Are we a new thing or a renewed thing? Does the Old foreshadowing the new brings a renewal? Many are haveContinue reading “We’re Nothing New, Just a rekindled old flame in the Lord’s eye, Jezreel a day of Renewal”

Sibling Rivalries – A House Redeemed – Part IV

We are redeemed! Now that we have laid out some of the foundation, getting us to redemption. We have to ask ourselves, why the Messiah? Why was the need? And now we know. God always has a card up his sleeve or a plan B getting the promises He’s made back on track, when fleshContinue reading “Sibling Rivalries – A House Redeemed – Part IV”

The Church started where? In Jerusalem?

What church am I talking about? If your answer is the New Testament Church, your only partially correct. Remember that the New Testament saints, when it comes to people of God is part of the Old Testament saints, we took our root in the old, or grafted in you might say. The Old foreshadows theContinue reading “The Church started where? In Jerusalem?”

Sibling Rivalries: A House Redemption Plan- Part III

A Promise of Redemption In all the aftermath and the ups and downs of the Northern Nation of Israel, and their eviction notice, God still remembers his promises made to all of Jacob’s House. He has a renewed heart for Ephraim, remembering the birthright promises handed down and where they were entrusted. Even though JudahContinue reading “Sibling Rivalries: A House Redemption Plan- Part III”

Sibling Rivalries; A House Scattered – Part II

Lost & Found Now that the Nation of Israel has divided into two houses as God said. The new king of Israel; Jeroboam of the tribe of Ephraim and Rehoboam of the House of David for the Nation of Judah. And there was war between Rehoboam and — Jeroboam all their days. 1 Kings 14:30Continue reading “Sibling Rivalries; A House Scattered – Part II”