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In God’s Time And Times Again

About Blog:

It’s about time – Prophetic Timelines

But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

Daniel 12:13

This teaching series is a summery of a eye opening journey through Daniel chapter 7, 9 & 12 time lines, Revelation 11-13 and associated scriptures, on the events of the past and present.

Much is being talked about end time prophecies and how they relate to today.

What we have been taught the last 200 years, much is bent on deception. And what has been taught has been a vail and a smoke screen to hide or misdirect’s the signs that our Lord has presented us.

It looks close to the real thing however it takes away the clarity of certain events and this even takes away or ability to give glory to God.

The traditional narrative promotes fear and anxiety of the last of days and not hope and praise we have in our Savior. Yes His time is near to us. But we should have peace in these troubled days. He is the prince of peace. The Church needs to know her part in history and today.

This blog series is much of my own words in applying what I was learning from the study series by Joseph Cortes on the Last Days. I was searching for an alternative teaching to the present Eschatology teachings, this was an eye opener and brought me closer to the Lord and his people.

The challenge of writing this blog was to solidify and summarize my understanding of what I was learning.

Much of my other resources comes from the following sources.:

All of the timeline dates can be found on search engines. Search specifically the dates and keywords given.

Keep in mind that I have been going through these posts, making edits; cleaning up continuity, grammar, spelling, adding dates and points. Still a work in process.

The progression of these studies is important and provides continuity for the next in the series. However the latter will tell who you are in the respect to the church and nation.

I did this study to clear up some questions I had and some of the nonsense I’ve been seeing. I found it quite liberating. 

Hopefully it can be made sense of.

About Me:

I’m just a nobody messenger, prophet maybe.

The thoughts, meditations, words, messages and other writings are inspired by the author and the finisher of my faith.

I’m here only to proclaim and not to justify to anyone whats written.

All inspirations in posts are original unless mentioned or quoted in the post. All of God’s rights to it is reserved.

Any Pull Quotes with “” as the citation is from the author of this site.

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