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Many Shall Run To & Fro

and knowledge shall be increased

Then ASK yourself

In the Book of Daniel and Amos, we read two passages that are similar in reference:

Daniel 12:4;

But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

This was the bug in my craw that got me thinking, something is fishy with the traditional narrative that we will become smarter in the last days. To day, not so much. But once we understand what’s really up with these passages, we’ll have gained some real knowledge.

Amos 8:12;

And they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek — the word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

In scripture it seems that, “run to and fro”, is a idiom, or better yet, “chickens with their heads chopped off”, to be more crude. They were trying to find something that was no longer there or trying to understand something that hasn’t arrived yet. And when it did arrive, they were still wallowing around in the muck of the chicken coop of their creation.

Has understanding has flown the coop?

In Amos this was the word of the Lord that the inspired word from the Lord was not going to be there for them for a appointed season, and in Daniel, the full understanding of his vision will not complete and understood until a appointed time.

Now, breaking the bread of Scripture:

In verse 8 of Daniel chapter 12, Daniel said, “that he heard but understood not”.

Verse 9, Daniel was told to go his own way, for the words are going to sealed up until the time of the end.

Till the time of what end?

Verse 7, 11 & 12 the Lord give timelines that need to complete before the seal of this vision was to be fully understood.

These timelines will be broken down in the studies to come. Don’t stop here. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the foundation work to be built on. There is more to scripture than what is seen on the surface. Which is the whole issue with modern eschatologist. We need to see scripture in the context of the whole.

In the Daniel passage, the Lord of the vision was telling Daniel that the message is to be seal up in the understanding of its knowledge, the meaning was to be reveled at a later time, and at the end of the appointed days the knowledge of this vision will be increased. In the Amos passage which reads similar, is also used with looking for the word of the Lord and it shall not be found until an appointed time.

There is a important word missing in Daniel 12:4, adding “the” just before “knowledge” would make the narrative more clear.

Daniel may have known some of what the Lord was referring to in timelines however not the actual events to take place.

What this passage is truly stating; at the end of days allotted, is that, the knowledge in the understanding of this vision will be increased. And as we have seen today, the last 200 years, mans carnal understanding has ran to and fro to obtain the understanding of this knowledge, however this will not be obtained until it has literally taken place to completion at the end of the allotted days, and this is what I’m going to try to make clear in this blog.

Are we in the end of days? Absolutely, however, where are we in the timeline in Daniels Vision and John’s Revelation and what this was actually referring to? Daniels Vision was sealed until the end of a time that was allotted and Jesus’s Revelation to John was not necessarily sealed entirely, however He unlocks some points of Daniels Vision by the arrival of the Messiah. By the way, our same Lord is speaking to them both. Who also came as the Messiah.

This “running to and fro for knowledge”, does not refer or imply that scientific knowledge will increase in the last of days, however this does point to the understanding of the prophetic vision and events which it’s referencing will come to light, to be made more clear in the understanding the knowledge behind it. This doesn’t have anything to do with our modern age of technology. More later.

In this vision of Daniel, was after the writing on the wall interpretation of the present king of Babylon, which fell that night around 539 BC. Shortly after, around 538BC to Cyrus the Great, shortly after the new ruler gave the decree to the people of Israel that they can return to rebuild the temple, after Jeremiah’s prophecy (Jeremiah 29:10) has been read to him about the completion of the 70 years of exile and the return of people of Judea to rebuild the temple. In Cyrus’s eyes, keeping lively hood corralled in Babylon wasn’t a good economic strategy. Daniel when on to be with his fathers shortly thereafter the first Decree of Cyrus and following his final vision and never returned to Jerusalem. It wasn’t around 100 years from Cyrus’s decree that to the final decree around 445bc that Nehemiah was sent to build the walls of Jerusalem, streets and the city with another decree given by Artaxerxes I.

What I found that left me in awe is that the Persian and the Grecian rulers were also moved by God after having been read the prophetic writings of Jeremiah and Daniel’s Vision. Jeremiah’s Prophecy was read to Cyrus and the Vision of Daniel to Alexander the Great that made mention of his capturing Babylon, the night before Alexander the Great had a dream revealing to him that a meeting was going to take place with elderly robed individuals. Cyrus the Great was moved to return the Jews to rebuild, and Alexander the Great was move to leave Judaea unscathed. Both rulers were read to at different times, God’s prophetic message.

Ever since, there has been much To and Fro from the time of Daniel Vision up until this day.

The Time of the Gentiles

I will attempt to give understanding, who were the gentiles and what the message was referring to as the Time Of The Gentiles.

The word gentile is occupants another word for nations. Roman citizens were also called gentiles.

First of all who were the gentiles? They were foreigners of other nations, anyone who was not technically of the heritage of Abraham, when it came to Daniel’s Vision and the other Prophets writings, was referencing the descendants of Israel or Jacob and not necessarily as we know the Gentile Church today. More at a later time.

Luke 21:24 states:

And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Jesus’s own words.

What can this be referring to? Is it a time yet to still be fulfilled during our age today, or has it already taken place?

Second, the land of the southern tribes Judah has never been under their own rule since their exile to Babylon in 706bc, and the land of northern tribes of Israel at a previous exile were scattered north and West, also into an area that we know to day as Iran. Since then Assyrians fell to Babylon, they fell to the Persian empire, then the Persian empire fell to the Alexandrian Grecian Empire, Rome, Ottoman Empire, British and every other border skirmish in between.

Around 90AD Jerusalem’s walls was sacked by Titus and the city and temple was destroyed and only rubble remained. The rubble was removed and the Temple Mount was renovated at a later time. More later.

And in and around 90AD the Roman rule, the people Israel were taken captive and slaved out. Many were sent to Egypt to work the mines. Many were killed. Deuteronomy 28:68 prophetically made reference to this event and Josephus as a secular historian made reference to this realtime: Josephus Book VI, Chapter IX, Section 2 & 3.

The Time of the Gentiles comes to an end

After WW1 Great Britain acquired the Holy Land around 1917 from the Ottoman Empire. Shortly after WW2, Britain returned some of the parts of the holy land to the Jewish people, because of the hostility of the occupiers of the surrounding areas toward’s the Jews as the original owner occupier, not all areas was handed over, especially Jerusalem, and shortly thereafter the areas that was handed over became a new nation of Israel in 1948, keep in mind that not all the territories was included in the original deal. Much of what we see today was taken by the New Nation of Israel through conflicts directed towards the Jewish Nation at different points of time with the surrounding nations and the remaining areas. During the progression of time, a Jewish worldwide exodus of Jews returned to Israel. However Jerusalem was still under Islamic control. This was only up until June 1967 after the six day war directed towards the people of Israel.

The Israel package is now mostly complete, now with its Capital City Jerusalem. Including the Temple Mount. This time is for another blog.

Now we will understand some of the timelines of gentile rule over Jerusalem. In 1967 the Time of the Gentiles occupation of Jerusalem came to a close.

There are three timeline ages:

1. Before The flood

2. From the flood to Cross

3. Christian age

3a. time of the end of Daniels Vision concluded after gentile control of Jerusalem had came to an end. With A generation following.

More to come…

All Roads Lead to Jerusalem


Published by Wyatt Alois Lessner

I’m just a nobody messenger, prophet maybe. The thoughts, meditations, words, messages and other writings are inspired by the author and the finisher of my faith. I’m here only to proclaim and not to justify to anyone whats written. All inspirations in posts are original unless mentioned or quoted in the post. All of God’s rights to it is reserved. Why Jeremiah? He is the Weeping Prophet. God will confirm His word in my heart in this manner. Every Old Covenant Prophet will have their today in the New Covenant Church. Prophets are a extension of a characteristic of their Creator.

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